Annapolis - home of the Naval Academy, beautiful views of the Chesapeake Bay, and the best crabs in the US (we're not biased) - is one of our favorite places for a bachelorette. Here's what we planned with Julie for her best friend Liz's bachelorette:

Why Annapolis?

This was a group of Philly-based friends, so Annapolis was a convenient drive for everyone.

Where they stayed:

We found the group an amazing house right on the water with plenty of space for their group of fourteen (and to host a dinner for twenty!) Check out the spectacular views in the pictures here.

What they did:


  • It's not a trip to Maryland without crabs (and football?) Not sure if football was ever part of the agenda, but we arranged a crab feast for the group at the house. Since the ladies were all childhood friends, some of their moms also made their way down from Philadelphia and joined the group for the celebratory dinner (then enjoyed a spa getaway of their own for the rest of the weekend). We loved being able to get both generations together to celebrate Liz.


  • The ladies kicked off the day with some kayaking on the Bay, and then grabbed lunch at home.
  • The afternoon was spent completing a bar crawl scavenger hunt that Julie and the bridesmaids organized with some help from our archive of bachelorette games.
  • Later in the afternoon, there was time for an underwear guessing game, as everyone brought Liz a pair and she had to guess who had chosen what. (We love this alternative to a lingerie shower!)
  • Dinner was at Levels Small Plates Lounge for loads of tapas, and then out on the town!


  • After the late night revelries, a hearty brunch (with a full Bloody Mary bar, natch) was in order, and so we sent the ladies to Ram's Head Tavern. They enjoyed a leisurely meal