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Besides being the birth place of the American Revolution (or close enough), Boston boasts at least a little bit of pretty much everything, making it an incredibly versatile bachelorette location. Here are the details from Chrissy for the bachelorette we planned for her friend Lilli:

Why Boston?

Lilli lives in Boston, as do most of the girls who came to the weekend -- so it was the most convenient marketplace - plus it was full of the activities, lounge-y bars, and great ethnic food that Lilli was looking for.

Where we stayed:

At home or with friends who lived in Boston.

What it cost:

The weekend cost around $200 per person: both fun and economical!

  • Housing: $0 (stayed with friends)
  • Transportation: $50
  • Food & drinks: $120
  • Activities: $30

What we did:


  • We had lunch at the Courtyard Restaurant in the Boston Public Library. (Side note from Lauren: One of the prettiest places you'd never think of for lunch.)
  • We spent the day catching up and exploring the city.
  • We made our way to dinner at Orinoco, a delicious, casual Venezuelan eatery, followed by drinks at the Rooftop @ Revere - a great rooftop bar with a tropical setting.


  • We started the day with brunch at 75 on Liberty Wharf, enjoying the great food and amazing view of Boston Harbor.
  • We then kayaked over to Kendall Square in nearby Cambridge to make our dinner reservation at Oleana, a wonderful Turkish restaurant.
  • We cabbed downtown to get drinks at Wink & Nod, a cool speakeasy with awesome drinks.


  • We wrapped up the weekend with a picnic in the beautiful Boston Public Garden.