Charleston is a hugely popular bachelorette (and bachelor) party destination -- and for good reason. It has everything: great food, fun nightlife, wonderful indoor and outdoor activities, and heaps of Southern charm. (It's also extra special for us, since we hatched up the idea for My Best Friend's Weekend on the road somewhere between Charleston and Savannah). Here’s the scoop from one bachelorette we planned there for Abby from her sisters:

Why Charleston?

See all the reasons above. Abby wanted a mix of going out with plenty of opportunities to spend time with everyone -- so we picked a lovely house on the Isle of Palms (about 25 minute drive from downtown Charleston) so we could get beach time while still being close to the action in Charleston.

What we did:


  • Some of us arrived early, picked up groceries, and spent the night at the house catching up.


  • Breakfast at home and beach time during the day as everyone else got in

  • Lauren & Tisha arranged a low country boil dinner for us, with some experts coming to the house and doing the cooking for us. We loved getting an authentic Southern experience (and it was great to have someone doing the cooking for us!)


  • This was our big day! We started off with breakfast at home and then headed over to the Isle of Palms marina for our chartered boat cruise. Lauren & Tisha had hunted down a beautiful sailboat that could accommodate our big group, and we had an amazing time sailing around Charleston Harbor.

  • After our day sail, we headed back to the house to get ready for the rest of the day.

  • Lauren & Tisha arranged transportation to Charleston for us. We then ate at the Macintosh restaurant on Upper King Street, followed by drinks at Stars Rooftop and Grill -- which satisfied our desire for a great rooftop and atmosphere.


  • Recovery and beach/pool time until flights.