Montreal! An amazingly fun place with everything you could want in a bachelorette weekend (plus poutine -- which, if you haven't tried, you should). Great food, exciting nightlife, expert hospitality, and friendly on the wallet. Here's the scoop on a weekend we planned for Eshna there:

Why Montreal?

Aside from the all the other pros listed above, Montreal was just a short hop, skip, and flight away from NYC and Detroit, where most of the group was coming from. We picked a great hotel walking distance from the main drag so the ladies could take advantage of everything the city had to offer.

What We Did:


  • Everyone arrived early afternoon; the earliest arrivals grabbed pregame supplies from a nearby store.
  • MBFW arranged for Thai food delivery (yum) straight to the hotel room so everyone could catch up and get ready without having to rush out to a formal dinner.
  • Later in the evening, we headed over to a neighboring hotel (appropriately swanky and trendy, to set the right tone for the weekend) for drinks in the lounge. A few (several?) cocktails later we worked our way over to the club portion of the hotel and danced the night away. Solid, solid start to the weekend.


  • Saturday was our day to explore Montreal! We started with brunch at a Montreal favorite, La Valois. Then we roamed around town, enjoying the sites and shopping (in matching tank tops -- see the pic! -- that Tisha helped design and order).
  • In the evening, we got our hair done at Aveda Salon, where MBFW arranged for champagne and desserts for the bride!
  • Tisha had set up a dinner at Toro Toro, where we ate a ton of delicious tapas. After a great dinner and even better drinks, we walked over to the club LeCinq, where we had bottle service all set up and ready to go. Dancing ensued.


  • Bagels (wood-fired in Montreal). And recovery. And then some more bagels.
  • Jetted home!