My Best Friend's Weekend in Charlottesville: What to Do

As promised, we're starting to debrief on our test trips this fall, starting with Tisha's weekend roadtrip to Charlottesville, Virginia -- here's her breakdown of what to do on an awesome ladies' weekend:

It all started with an idea -- along with rainbow scuba pants, a mini jambox, and a masterfully crafted snack pack.

  • Vineyard tripping: It’s no Napa, but Charlottesville’s Viognier grape is the signature taste of the wines in the region and a must-have.  We also made some new friends (shout out to Judy from Houston!)  Plus, many of the vineyards are owned by celebrities, so who knows – you might run into Donald Trump or Dave Matthews!  Just make sure you book Wahooptie Taxi, these guys really know their stuff (and don’t mind if your playlist for the day includes a mix of 90s hip hop, teen music, and Bollywood jams).  Also if you wear matching color pants, they let you drive the van.
  • Edumacation: We got our learning on by visiting Monticello, the home of America’s Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson.  The estate used to be featured on the back of the $2 bill; and over 250 vegetables and 170 fruits are grown in the neighboring garden!  Fresh foodz… yom.
  • University of Virginia: We felt it was important to visit the alma mater of some of our favorite people in order to understand why they are so amazing.
  • Eat Sleep Rave Repeat… and then eat some more: This weekend was filled with culinary delights & motivational beverages beyond our wildest imaginations, including a hearty (and sass-filled) brunch at Bluegrass, porky favorites & grilled cheese galore in Brookville, and fresh bagels at Bodo’s.  Judgment welcome, and rejected.

   Our verdict: Charlottesville is a great destination, especially for an East Coast based group, looking for a chill, wine and relaxation filled trip ... with the beautiful backdrop of the Virginia countryside.