Friendsgiving: How to Throw a Party the Easy Way


It's that time of year -- a chill is in the air (well, in Philly anyway), Christmas bells are ringing (yup, it's too early for that), and the price of turkeys has skyrocketed (seriously, who actually likes the taste of turkey?) It's almost Thanksgiving, which means it's definitely time for Friendsgiving (the meal(s) you host for straggler friends stuck in town a little later than they want to be). While we love hosting a good Friendsgiving, we ALSO love saving time. So before you launch yourself into a hot kitchen, our top 5 tips for hosting a killer Friendsgiving celebration:

  • Break some rules. The beauty of being the host is you MAKE the rules. Hate cranberry sauce? Skip it. As mentioned, we're not fans of turkey -- so we're planning on roasting some other bird and making a chicken pot pie as our mains. (Defy convention, stick it to the man, etc., etc.)
  • Always have snacks. This is true always when hosting anything, but never let anyone get hungry. Then they just hover in the kitchen getting in your way by being "helpful" as they nibble at half-prepared plates.
  • Have no shame about outsourcing. Can't cook everything? Host a potluck. Don't WANT to cook something? Figure out the best way to buy it and focus on what you feel comfortable with. At the end of the day, people are coming to spend time with you. Bon Appetit-worthy food is a bonus.
  • Limit the number of things you have to do during the dinner. For example, prep a cocktail or two for the evening (hot apple cider with bourbon, perhaps?)-- so everyone can help themselves throughout and you're not stuck mixing drinks while also worrying that the pecan pie is burning.
  • Take time to be thankful. Even if that pecan pie IS burning, take a minute to be thankful and grateful. Then get the pie out of the oven and prepare for the upcoming food coma.

Any tips we missed? Let us know in the comments!