Favorite Winter Bachelorette Ideas

We've been gathering and brainstorming and checking our lists twice (sadly, no, we're not Santa Claus), and here they are: seven of our favorite ideas for your upcoming winter bachelorettes (YES, feel free to steal for any winter party or get-away.)

  1. Find a cabin in the wintry woods or mountains, go skiing / snow shoeing / snow tubing (the amazing lazy option). Make sure you have a fireplace, loads of knitted sweaters, s'mores ingredients, and recipes for boozy hot chocolate (plus all the toppings) and spiked apple cider. (Check out this great set of ideas from Green Wedding Shoes.)
  2. Chase the Northern lights in a dogsled. Also known as an excuse to go somewhere where it's Christmastime all the time. Plus use our cabin tips above. (Best time to go this year? Around the spring equinox. Alaska, western Canada, Iceland, and northern Europe are the best places to go.)
  3. Schedule a private group figure skating class. Finally learn how to do a simple spin and look awesome on any group figure skating outing from now on. If you want to do something (slightly) more aggressive, rent out a rink for bridal party broomball. Or go very seventh grade and head to an ice or roller skating rink and jam to your favorite tunes from middle school.
  4. Speaking of competitive events, run a winter games challenge, complete with white elephant prizes. (ALSO great for a co-ed or joint bachelor-bachelorette party.) (Some ideas? Milk and cookies boat race, gingerbread house making competition, capture the flag plus snowball fight, and so on.)
  5. Head to a winter festival. The WSJ laid out some of the best (our personal favorite? You can go to the Miners & Trappers Ball in Anchorage, Alaska and see who wins the coveted Mr. Fur Face Award.)
  6. Pretend it's not winter -- have a tropical (Gilligan's Island? Luau?) themed bachelorette, complete with frozen daiquiris in hollowed out coconuts and any other cliches you can come up with.
  7. Actually escape winter. Go south and find a beach. (Preferably with a snowbird theme and plenty of pink flamingos.)