Friday Finds: Stationary, thank you notes, happiness & change, & bonus peonies

It's been a week of saying and thinking about thank yous for us here ... despite a busy week, thinking about who we have to thank has kept us calm(ish) and happy. Hopefully we spread a little joy too. Now, for our finds:

  • We hunted down some beautiful stationary here and here. You're welcome.
  • We learned about peonies (our favorite flower, FYI). Also gave us one more reason that we want to visit Alaska. (Anyone planning a bachelorette there?)
  • We teared up a little at this video (we might be a little sappy. Just don't talk to us about Up. The first ten minutes or so--heartwrenching!)
  • We learned about happiness and change -- fascinating TedTalk if you haven't watched it before.
  • We read Taylor Swift's instagram thank yous to her fans. Love them.
  • Last but not least, exciting news: Saved by the Bell movie coming to Lifetime (but not with the original cast, sorry!)

Happy Friday!