Know Thyself

Outside of our regular postings this week on planning, we had a long discussion recently with friends about My Best Friend's Weekend and the importance of knowing who you are (and who you're not), which got us reflecting about how our identity as a company has evolved.

When we were talking about starting a bachelorette weekend planning website, we made sure we were clear on what we were not. To be fair, this consisted primarily of Lauren (after countless hours of researching bachelorette websites) pounding on a table and chanting (much, much too) loudly at our (very public) breakfast meeting: "No pink! No pink! Seriously, NO PINK!" Not that there's anything wrong with pink (we love it actually), but we knew we wanted to do something beyond neon pink logos and the kinds of party favors you can't research at work.

What we ARE, though, has taken us a little longer to figure out, but it finally started to become clear when we landed on our name. Suddenly, we had a focus point, an underlying theme -- friendship, and the fact that a bachelorette weekend is never really about the risque things you might or might not do or how splashy the party is. It is about celebrating a major life event for one of the people you care the most about with the friends she cares the most about. Everything else is just details.

We're sure what we are and what we do is going to continue to change (we're already so different than we were a month ago!) but reflecting on this has made us realize the importance of having a few key principles. If something doesn't fit with those principles, we don't do it. It's made decision-making so much easier. Now, if only we could figure out how to better extend this to our non-work lives! #foodforthought