Friday Finds! Recipes and party ideas

It’s been quite a week! We learned what glamping was and more importantly, built out some new exciting bachelorette itineraries (details coming soon!)

Our other favorite things:

  • Thanks to 91 year-old marathoner Hariette Thompson, we’ve got some new goals for ourselves in our 90s (seriously, how cool is she?!)
  • We became totally obsessed with pairing things: quotes and music, books and food, food and music.
  • Also, this gave us an excuse to spend more hours than we should have on the NY Times’ beta cooking website (you need a free NY Times account to access it.)
  • The latest season of Orange is the New Black came out today. We have showed remarkable restraint because we didn’t start binge watching it this morning. All bets are off as of 5pm today and we now have snacks ready.

Happy Friday!