Bachelor/ette Games

Forgot about the whole games and amusing activities thing, already running late for your flight, AND don't even know these people? Three easy, not (totally) cheesy games that require (at most) paper, a bowl, and a pen:

  • Two Truths and a Lie. Have everyone go around and tell two truths and a lie about their friendship with the bride-to-be (obviously, the more ridiculous, the better). Keep track of who guesses right, and if you are feeling really ambitious, give out prizes you bought at the airport gift store.
  • The Awesome Game
    • Everyone takes 2-4 slips of paper and writes down something awesome (only rules: can't be essential to human life). (For example, cupcakes, afternoon naps, surprise presents).
    • Put all the slips of paper into a bowl.
    • Pick out two, have a debate (timed if needed) and vote on which one you'd rather have (assuming that the other one would no longer exist). Keep the winning one and discard the loser.
    • Keep running rounds until you have one winning awesome thing. If you want to get complicated, you can award points to people later for how far their ideas get, but it's fun to keep them anonymous.
  • Salad Bowl
    • Split into 2 teams, with each person sitting next to someone else on another team.
    • Everyone writes ~5-10 words on separate slips of paper (you can pick a bride-related theme or anything else), put all the slips into a bowl.
    • Round 1: Each person has 45 seconds to go through as many slips of paper as possible, using any word besides the word on the paper to get their team to guess what it is. Stop once you've run through all the slips of paper.
    • Round 2: Charades. Same deal, 45 seconds per person to do charades to get people to guess the words (same ones as in the previous round).
    • Round 3: Same as round 1, but this time you can only say one word to get people to guess the word.
    • Throughout: Tally the number of words that each team gets, winning team has the most points at the end.

And, presto - awkwardness vanished.