Professional bridesmaids and making emails better

Happy Monday! This week, we're going to be talking about how to turn all the bride's friends into friends before the bachelorette weekend. (It's possible.) Before we get to that, serious question: anyone who's getting married who's interested in the idea of a professional bridesmaid? Let us know ( if so.

And our first tip of the week? Turn your weekend planning email chain into something that's actually fun to read. One of our favorite go-tos is including a ridiculous 80s music video, like these three of our favorites here, here, and here. (How to use them? "You're the Best" either about your friend, or to thank someone for going above and beyond in planning, "Safety Dance" somewhere in the middle of planning once you've landed on places to go out -- or for anyone who's had a rough day -- and "Final Countdown" with the final pre-weekend email.)

P. S. See what we did there? If you had the Monday morning blues, one watch of "Safety Dance" should have cured that. Always looking out for you!