Fourth of July BBQ Conversation Help

Need a conversation starter for an awkward Fourth of July barbeque hosted by that friend you don't really know all that well? Didn't watch the US-Belgium game and still aren't sure who Tim Howard is? Trapped, bored, or need to change the subject?

Our suggestion: start asking people on their thoughts about a co-ed bachelor/ette party. (The classic "asking for a friend..." line works well.) We've managed to get some great heated debates out of this one, and there's the added bonus of usually getting a great bachelor/ette party story out of somebody. (And then are the follow-ups: with the finance or without? Does the guy you used to sort-of date who is now your friend get invited? Would you gay best friend actually enjoy your bachelor/ette party, or is s/he just saying that? So. Many. Questions.)

Our informal polling suggests more against than for, but we'd love to hear your thoughts ... comment here or let us know at