And Now For Something Completely Different...

Because the best way to get over post-vacation blues is to plan another trip (we're not sure if this is scientifically proven, but it feels like somebody must have done a study on this), a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Instead of Napa or Sonoma, try another kind of tasting: Kentucky's Bourbon Trail or Asheville, NC's Ale Trail. (Or you know, go all the way to Europe for absinthe tastings...)
  • Like Nevada but not a Vegas person? Some really upscale camping (okay, glamping) options exist a short(ish) drive away, like this one.
  • Looking for hipster-friendly options? We recommend the Portlands (the Oregon one, yes, but also Maine). Or a Brooklyn-only NYC weekend...
  • Wish you could go to New Orleans but don't want to deal with the heat? Montreal is perfect this time of year, they speak even more French, and you'll definitely run into a lot of bachelor parties (ask a guy friend if you don't know why).
  • Speaking of being sick of  the heat? Park City, Jackson Hole, and Whistler are still beautiful off-season AND you avoid the awkward conversation about how only three of you actually wanted to go skiing.

Still grumpy and wishing it were Friday already? We can't make it Friday, but the Monty Python sketch that inspired the title of this post should fix the grumpiness.