#TuesdayTips: Splitting the Check

One of the awkward conversations everyone tries to avoid ... but splitting the costs is a necessary evil of any bachelorette weekend. Having interviewed dozens of bridesmaids (and from suffering through this ourselves), there are a few things you can do to make it a little bit easier:

  • Be open about the expected costs and overestimate a bit (e.g., remember taxes, include tips, more drinks than expected, etc.) rather than underestimate. Also make it clear what people are paying for.
  • Manage the big costs through as few people as possible. This makes it easier to track. Smaller costs, like drinks ... that might be easier to do pay as you go, with somebody covering the bride and divvying that up later.
  • Keep receipts. Again, easier to track.
  • Make expenses as standard as possible. Prix fixe menus are your friend.
  • Ask people to pay for the major expenses ahead of time, then deal with the small weekend stuff later (ideally while everyone is still there). You're less likely to be waiting on the $1k you fronted for rooms that way.

But our favorite idea of all? Our friends who have annual girls' weekends in different cities and split all the costs -- including flights -- equally. This is obviously easier when it's the same group over and over, but we loved the commitment to getting everyone together.