(Mostly) Beach Bachelorette Invitations

So your bride-to-be friend has handed you the bachelorette guest list (or, more likely, has sent you a mix of texts, emails, and gchats with ideas which you're now cobbling together). Now, how to invite them? Especially if you're looking for an invitation that isn't neon pink and is maybe a little more fun than a bulleted email?

To inspire you, we've gathered five of our favorite paper and paperless bachelorette invitations -- these are (mostly) beach themed as you celebrate the last days of summer.

For a beach or pool-filled vacation (available in either paper or evite version):

.. or this one, for a beachy 70s party (somehow something with Anchorman or Charlie's Angels should be incorporated, so we'd use for a San Diego or other SoCal location)

From  Wedding Paper Divas.

From Wedding Paper Divas.

For a weekend in Cabo (or any beach, anywhere):

One that actually covers all the details in one place:

From the etsy shop   Last Fling Before the Ring.

From the etsy shop Last Fling Before the Ring.

And one that will work for anything:

For more ideas, check out our pinterest board, which we continue to update.