Friday Finds: Start-up Round-up Edition

With Lauren in the woods for the week (don't worry guys, she downloaded a Justin Bieber song to scare away the bears), this is a special edition of Friday Finds, highlighting some of the coolest start-ups in the wedding industry (and beyond) that we've discovered in the past few months:

  • Bascially a weddings-only pinterest. We love that it comes up with suggestions for you based on what you like and the curated content. Actual brides, try it out and see what you think!
  • Thankful Registry. Allowing you to put anything on the registry - which we're all for if it means we're able to buy you a better and more thoughtful wedding present than 2 $80 wine glasses. (And sorry about that, it was all that was left ...)
  • Little Borrowed Dress and Vow to Be Chic. Renting bridesmaid dresses - finally! Because if you're only spending $50 to rent it, the bride can really, really pick whatever she wants.
  • Borrowing Magnolia. Because wedding dress prices are insane, particularly when you'll only wear it once. So why not borrow it from someone?
  • Showerbelle. Bridal shower inspiration (and if you want, they'll even do all the work for you!)
  • Shareswell. Because it is actually super useful to be able to give people stocks as a present. It's kind of like getting socks for Christmas - always going to come in useful and best from a great aunt.
  • Negative Underwear. We've heard rave reviews about their products - "actually comfortable and NOT trashy" - and are psyched that we may have found something to give at a lingerie party that isn't  embarrassing and/or painfully expensive (P.S. They may be coming to Philadelphia soon -- watch this space for more details.)
  • Rebloomit. We mentioned them a few weeks ago, but are totally in love with the idea of recycling wedding flowers for a good cause. So we're re-mentioning them ICYMIT.

Any other cool start-ups we've missed? We'll be continuing to highlight great ideas as we find them, so let us know if you have any we should know about.