The Active Bachelorette

Part 2 of our series on different types of bachelorettes -- onto the active bachelorette! These can range depending on what kinds of activities the bride likes (outdoors or indoors, more chill or more intense), but they always have some athletic component.

  • The bride is: Always doing something. The kind of person who rarely (if ever) misses a workout (and drives everyone crazy when she does).
  • Places to go: Western locations are almost always going to be a good bet -- Park City, Denver, SF, Portland, San Diego, etc. In the rest of the US, pretty much anywhere near mountains or lakes will be great for an outdoorsy type (Maine/New Hampshire/Vermont for example, but also Chicago, Austin, and so on). Otherwise plan to have some classes ready in any big convenient city.
  • Things to do: For the more outdoorsy: kayaking, paddleboarding, surfing lessons, skiing, ice skating, rock climbing, bicycling ... or, our personal favorite, some kind of ridiculous bootcamp (bonus points for picking costumes to wear to this). If you can make your friends do it (or they're happy to show up with bloody marys for the bride at the finish line), plan the weekend around a race. If she prefer activities indoors: yoga, spinning, dance class (of any kind), barre. Or if she'd rather watch, then go to a baseball, football, hockey, or basketball game, depending on her preference and the season.
  • Types of swag: Build it around the activities for the weekend. This is the perfect place for sunglasses, hats or T-shirts, bandanas, neon knee socks and so on. Or for going for a fun run in 80s bridesmaid dresses, tutus , or shiny spandex.
  • Unexpected things you should know to make the weekend a success: Have a practical packing list for anyone who hasn't participated in the activities before. Get a sense for who might be nervous about any activities and whether to have different participation options so no one feels left out.

Tomorrow - the zen bachelorette!