The Classic Bachelorette

When we first talk with a maid of honor about the bachelorette, this is one of our first questions: What kind of party do you want to have? Here at My Best Friend's Weekend HQ, we break this down into four major categories, and we'll be posting about each one this week to help give a sense of the range of activities you can consider when planning a bachelorette.

We're kicking off with the "classic" bachelorette. It's exactly what you think it is, although The Hangover-style antics and embarrassing party favors are strictly optional. So if you're planning one of these, what types of things should you be thinking about?

  • The bride is: Fun! And probably doesn't take herself too seriously, since she'll be game for doing slightly ridiculous things in public.
  • Places to go: Vegas, Atlantic City, Miami, New Orleans, Nashville (for the countrified version), Savannah (for a slightly more tame option in the Deep South), or you can Jersey Shore/ Myrtle Beach it ... but you can make this happen almost anywhere.
  • Things to do: Clubs, pub crawls, piano bars, dare challenges, scavenger hunts, bachelorette bingo, and so on.
  • Types of swag: You don't have to go the full tiara, veil, and sash, but certainly consider it (although obviously don't if you want to get into a nice club in Miami). Otherwise, a feather boa or mardi gras beads are a slightly more low-key option, while a cowboy hat would work in Nashville (we've broken our "no pink" rule for a sparkly pink cowboy hat there), and so on. For friends, again, swag is optional, but t-shirts, tank tops, or hats (trucker, baseball, cowboy, etc.) are all relatively traditional options (again, it's a bachelorette, so we use the word "tradition" loosely). And this is one situation where temporary tattoos are probably going to be super useful.
  • Unexpected things you should know for a successful weekend: Where to get food at 3am. Make sure everyone has photocopies of their IDs and have an emergency credit card. Write down where you're staying somewhere, including room numbers. Take pictures of any coat check tickets (somehow we always lose these). And try not to lose anyone (and if you do, check the hotel roof).

Let us know if we've missed anything in the comments, and tomorrow: the active bachelorette!