The Offbeat Bachelorette

We're wrapping up our series on different types of bachelorettes with the offbeat bachelorette. Nothing ordinary or typical here. The offbeat bachelorette is absolutely a ton of fun, but may require a little more creativity on the part of the planners.

  • The bride is: Not willing to do anything just because she's supposed to. Possessed of an excellent sense of humor.
  • Places to go: You can actually do one anywhere -- you just have to locate the activities. But try to avoid any typical bachelorette destinations (unless you're going to do them in an ironic way).
  • Things to do: Anything can go here -- but some of our favorites: paintballing in an ugly bridesmaid dress, rollerskating (or even better - roller derby), slumber party (ideally set up outdoors with a projector and a bonfire for s'mores), laser tag, trapeze class or circus school, arcade games (barcades are the best), fun museum tours (like the Museum Hacks at the Met), spy school, pirate cruise, skeet shooting, putt putt, murder mystery, music festival, anything involving Rocky Horror, chocolate factory tour Willy Wonka style ... use your imagination.
  • Types of swag: Tie it to the types of activities you're doing ... you can steal ideas from any of the other types of bachelorettes, but it may be useful to pick a theme early (glitter? 90s? etc.) to help you narrow down your options.
  • Unexpected things you need to know for a successful weekend: Be thoughtful about scheduling for things that can leave bruises (paintballing, trapeze class, rollerskating -- do them far in advance of the wedding). Start planning this type early, since you'll need more time to develop and research ideas. But most importantly: embrace the quirky and absurd fully. You'll have the most fun this way.

Any types of bachelorettes we've missed? Or any other awesome ideas for an awesome offbeat bachelorette? Let us know in the comments.