The Zen Bachelorette

Part 3 of our series on different types of bachelorettes -- onto the zen bachelorette.

  • The bride is. Chill. Calm. Centered. And with little to  zero desire to be the center of attention in a loud bar (at least for 95% of the weekend).
  • Places to go: Sonoma, Napa, or other wine country spots if you can't make it all the way out to California. Relaxing locations like Scottsdale, Martha's Vineyard, or Hilton Head. Or really any resort-y place that has a spa, a beach, and/or a pool.
  • Things to do: Mani/pedis, spa day, blow-outs. A yoga or barre class for whoever feels like getting up, an easy hike around your resort, and a day lounging on the beach or by the pool. Other activity options: wine tastings, cooking classes, crafts, flower arranging (much more fun that it sounds!), and so on. For the evening, a great dinner spot and a lounge-y cocktail bar with great outdoor seating (or view if it's winter).
  • Types of swag: Beach towels, robes, flip flops, tote bags, sunglasses, wine tumblers, coozies.
  • Unexpected things you should know for a successful weekend: How to schedule 14 girls into different spa treatments while making it possible for everyone to still talk to each other (find a great spa), bring magazines for everyone, and ... well, this should be just as relaxing for you as it is for the bride. So have someone hand you a complimentary mimosa and treat yourself.

And tomorrow, the last of this series - on the offbeat bachelorette.