Personalized Bachelorette Party Favors for Any Type of Bachelorette

Let's be honest, besides eating just the frosting off the cake (that was just us? really?), one of the best parts of childhood birthday parties was the goody bag. Because small surprise presents are still awesome, five of our favorite personalized party favors that won't break the bank:

For the bag itself (and it will double as an eco-friendly shopping bag later!), a customized tote:

From the etsy shop   You're That Girl Designs  .

From the etsy shop You're That Girl Designs.

Sunglasses (useful for just about every type of bacheorette ... if for no other reason than to watch the "Sunglasses at Night" music video and enjoy the 80s camp)

From the etsy shop   Cut It Out Vinyl.

From the etsy shop Cut It Out Vinyl.

Nail polish. Julep has polishes for a lot of different names, and Pretty Please allows you to actually pick and name shades.

Because although we know you can open a bottle with chopsticks, we've never actually succeeded:

From   Beau-Coup.

Candy! Slightly creepy but also amazing: M&Ms with faces on them.

From   My M&Ms.

One caution: If you want customized goodies, this is one thing you can't throw together last minute (unless you have incredible DIY skills and can make them yourself). Pick and order everything at least three weeks ahead of time to avoid any last minute stress.