How We Craft a Bachelorette Itinerary

One question we get asked a lot: "How do you come up with itineraries? Do you have some big database or do you have packages or something?"

So for today we thought we'd give you a peek into the inner workings of My Best Friend's Weekend and the process we use to help you create itineraries that are as awesome and unique as the bride you're planning for:

  1. The phone call. We talk with you (and anyone else heavily involved in planning the weekend) to understand the bride and the kind of experience you want for the weekend.
  2. The idea itinerary. One of the biggest challenges of planning a bachelorette weekend is coming up with a set of fun, city-appropriate, and unique experiences. We've collected dozens of ideas from real bachelorettes (and our own somewhat overactive imaginations ... we're just waiting until somebody finally wants that mariachi band parade in Mexico City) which we then cull down to a shortlist of ideas across each segment of time across the weekend.
  3. The follow-ups. Once you (and the other attendees) have had a chance to consider the options in the itinerary, we provide follow-ups to the kinds of questions Yelp, Trip Adviser, or OpenTable can't answer. Not sure which bike company to use in Sonoma -- or if you should hire a limo instead? We've done both and can give the pros and cons (and referrals to the great ones). Want a boat in Charleston but not sure which one has the best ambiance for the money? We can answer that. Not sure if it's worth paying for bottle service in a particular club in Atlantic City? We'll give you our (honest, unbiased) opinion (often--no...)
  4. Bookings. Once you've decided on what to do, we help coordinate bookings. So you don't have to make ten phone calls to see which restaurants offer exactly what or get phone calls at annoying times during work.
  5. Paper itinerary and final checklists. We send a final itinerary over to you, along with all your confirmation details, and a checklist of things to remember (e.g., cash for certain tips), so you don't forget anything important.
  6. Final confirmations. We call all the vendors in the week before the bachelorette -- to make sure they're clear and there aren't any last minute hiccups.

Our goal in all this? To make the planning process fun--not stressful. To do all the research you wish you had time for. To bring your pinterest fantasy to life. To give you time and energy to focus on the thoughtful touches you can do best, rather than hunting down details about different Vegas hotel options you'll never need to know again. And, most importantly, to be there for reliable answer to any planning question you might have. Because we've done it before and we know just who to ask.