All the Other Important People

While a bachelorette can be an amazing celebration of sisterliness (real sisters and those we've chosen for ourselves through our friendships), it does tend to leave out some of the other really important people in our life. So, how do you, as the best maid of honor ever, include those people (the brothers, the parents, the grandparents, the aunts and uncles, the younger cousins, the best guy friends, and .. oh right, her fiance)? A few things we've seen work well:

  1. Find ways to include them in any keepsake you're making for the bride. Pulling together a recipe book? Ask them to contribute. Decorating the house with pictures? Get them to send some (preferably with a note about why those pictures). Get them to record a brief video on their iPhone and splice them together to show her. Pull together their words of wisdom on relationships ... and so on.
  2. Just ask for their advice and input (selectively, of course). Her baby brother might not know much about some things, but he's possibly the best source of information on her favorite foods as a kid, her childhood celebrity crush, and what was really annoying about her ex-boyfriends (excellent fodder for games, as long as she can laugh about this now).
  3. If they want, let them contribute. When one of our friends was getting married, another great friend couldn't make it -- but she sent a champagne toast instead. Obviously no one should feel obligated to do this, but help them brainstorm if they want to do something.
  4. Keep them busy. Again, this only works for certain people, but is especially useful for moms you know pretty well and who will enjoy helping. Give them some tasks to help with (hunting down PG-rated party favors, sending cookie mix to bake at the rental house, and so on)

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