Bachelorette Party Themes

Choosing a theme for a bachelorette (or any other party that's not clearly tied to a holiday as clear as, say, Halloween) can feel both overwhelming and possibly unnecessary. After all, you've managed to find a location, coordinate RSVPs, and ensured that everyone is going to have a place to sleep and something to eat. That's already an accomplishment ... So why pick a theme at all?

  1. It feels personal (if you do it right). Think about the bride-to-be's favorite things, activities, inside jokes shared by the whole group attending the bachelorette, and so on. We promise -- for your best friend, it should take about 10 minutes for you to come up with a great list.
  2. It actually makes things easier to plan. We won't go into the science of it, but it's hard to make decisions when you have too many options. A party theme means that some things will no longer make sense and you can eliminate those ideas. (For example ... once we landed on a "Child Inside Us" theme for a recent Sunday Funday, everything from meals to activities to transportation -- magic school bus, obviously - became far easier to decide).
  3. It makes it easier for your guests to know what to expect - and to pitch in. And for them to chip in. Even something as simple as "glitter" makes it easy for attendees to pick up decorations, swag, outfits, and so on that fit the theme.

Struggling for ideas? We'll be sharing some of our favorites in the coming weeks -- or shoot us a note at and we're happy to chat.