Boston Bachelorette: Latest Sample Itinerary!

We're excited to add a new sample itinerary to our line up! See what we did with Lilli's chill bachelorette in Boston.

In celebration of this, five things we love doing when we're in Boston:

  • Running or rowing along the Charles River from Boston to Cambridge.
  • Going to the North End for cannolis at Mike's Pastries.
  • Living/reliving the Harvard experience: Head to Harvard Square, pick up sandwiches at Darwin's, sit on the steps of Widener Library in Harvard Yard and watch tourists take creepy pictures of the undergrads, dinner at Mr. B's (burgers!) followed by scorpion bowls  and dancing at the Hong Kong. (Bonus: you can skip the studying and awkward dorm parties an actual undergrad has to endure!)
  • Getting outside the city: visiting one of the seaside towns nearby for a day on the beach and lots of seafood for dinner. (Or making it a weekend in the Cape instead!)
  • Eating ice cream after every meal. If there's one thing that Boston absolutely gets right, it's ice cream. (Toscanini's is our personal favorite, but it's hard to go wrong.)

Next sample itinerary coming soon for one our favorite Southern towns: Charleston!