Rain, Rain, Go Away: How to Keep Bad Weather from Ruining Your Bachelorette

It's the kind of thing that can keep a bride up at nights: What happens if it RAINS? And that thought can be just as worrying for a bachelorette, particularly if you've built your plans around outdoor activities. So, how to keep a little bad weather (rain, wind, sleet, hail, or snow) from throwing a damper on your weekend?

  • Avoid the problem in the first place with careful venue selections. Before planning, check out what the weather is like during that time of year, and be ready -- for example, by checking if your courtyard restaurant has a covered awning you can duck under if it rains, or if there are space heaters outside when it might be a little chilly.
  • Have the right gear. Remind your attendees to bring things like umbrellas, rain jackets, warm coats, and so on. Remember that Californians don't always know how to dress for East Coast weather (and vice versa), so include this kind of information in preparation emails, giving people plenty of time to buy or borrow what they need. And since not everyone will believe you, pick up some ponchos, stash a couple umbrellas in your luggage, and bring some extra sweaters if it looks like you're going to run into nasty weather.
  • Have a contingency plan ready to go. Sure, the idea of a picnic in the park was lovely, but then it started pouring. Have a back-up reservation (be thoughtful if you're a huge group, since cancelling too late means you just messed up the restaurant's plans for the day) or be prepared to bring outside activities indoors.
  • Have some fallback options prepared to suggest. So you can't spend the day at the beach? Try fun indoors activities: pub crawl that only goes to one or two great bars, bowling, laser tag, trampolining, or mani/pedis/massages to keep everyone busy and having fun.
  • If all else fails, do what the airlines used to: embrace the delay with free booze, games, and treats. Have some games (either free ones or something like Cards Against Humanity), something to drink, and delicious snacks (if you're in a house, get some cookie dough; if you're in a hotel, pop out to the nearest bakery and pick something up ... it's virtually impossible to be grouchy when you're staring at freshly baked cookies). Since the point of the weekend is to get everyone hanging out together, take advantage of the miserable weather and use it as a bonding opportunity.

Last (but most important) of all: if the right people are there, you could be stuck in a windowless room with nothing to do and still have an amazing time. So relax and let the awesomeness of your friends save the day.