Splurging and Saving: How to Budget for a Bachelor/ette

Budget is always, always a touchy topic when planning a bachelor/ette party. File it under: "Can't Make All People Happy All the Time." Still, our thoughts on where to save and where to splurge on creating an awesome bachelor/ette on a budget:


  • All the extras. As much as we love paper invitations, customized swag, and decorations ... these are all things you can leave off the list if you must.
  • Stay local, use someone's vacation home, or rent a house (VRBO, airbnb, etc.). You'll save on food (because you can cook some yourself) and drinks (because you can make some yourself). Plus -- easier bonding set-up.
  • Skip bottle service and anywhere that requires a food and beverage minimum. Especially for a bachelorette (guys may not be able to get away with this).
  • DIY your activities and pick ones without extra costs; pick things in walking distance. You can set up a scavenger hunt or bar crawl ... but paintball or organizing a boat cruise will cost money. Avoid any transportation costs by picking things in walking distance.


  • Enough (good) food and drink. While we're all for being thoughtful about restaurant choices (you weren't getting a last minute reservation to French Laundry anyway, let's be honest), hangry is something that guests should never be. Keep everyone fed.
  • Choice of location. While you may be cramped, stay in a convenient location if possible. (Bonus: save on transportation costs!) Also ... avoid anything too grotty.
  • Thoughtfulness. It's (almost certainly) free (okay, it takes a little bit of time) ... but money spent is in no way proportional to how great the bachelor/ette is.