Friday Finds: Ice Cream Bachelorette, SO many places to visit, & DIY Games for Children (in Reality or at Heart)

... AND we're back (a combined 3 continents, 30K flight miles, 47 tries at finding the best Indian food cart, 14 spectacular crashes while skiing -- including a near-perfect ski-first sliding dive into a ski lift line that left Austrian children crying with laughter, 38 new ideas for business extensions scribbled onto airplane napkins -- we get all our best ideas while traveling, 10 bachelor/ette itineraries developed on terrible internet connections, 3 days of the flu, and 1 new favorite song later!) Apologies for missing last week's Friday Finds, but we're going to make it up to you. Promise.

  • Just in case you missed it -- 52 Places to Visit This Year (Philly made the list!)
  • These posters are both delightfully well designed and wonderfully dorky -- in the very best of ways. Well played, NASA, you've won us over. When can we get on the next spaceship out of this galaxy?
  • ICE CREAM MAKING CLASSES. (Skip to the bottom.) New bachelorette party activity idea. Because skipping to dessert is always a good answer. (Yes, we're screaming.)
  • These DIY games are ostensibly for children, but feel like they'd be an excellent addition to any group's travel collection. #nevergrowup
  • ALSO, for children at heart (or in reality), the US museums where you can spend the night.
  • This list of the best places for afternoon tea made Lauren more nostalgic than usual for London. Her British cookbooks have been reopened and the official hunt for clotted cream is on.
  • And it's cold in Philly, so we've been daydreaming our way through the winter chill by fake-planning stays at the some of the best Caribbean resorts and warm places we'd like to visit. Surely there's an excuse for a research trip?
  • Although we're impressed, isn't having a robot playing beer pong kind of missing the point of that particular game?
  • And to wrap it up this week, John Cleese on creativity. Just because.

Happy Friday!