Beyond Hashtags: Social Media Rules for a Bachelorette

Welcome to the Tough Love Edition of Bach Beb. Any bachelorette worth the Choos on her feet knows if it’s not on Instagram it didn’t happen and there’s no point in checking in on Facebook unless you’re somewhere fabulous (#HumbleBrag, amirite?). However, we’re nothing if not ladies and ladies follow rules. So before you find yourself in the middle of a Flipagram faux pas, put the iPhone down and get in line because I don’t want to have to write a “How to Get Out of A Social Media Mess” for you party girls- okay maybe I do, but consider this your warning post.

Let’s start with Instagram. It’s my personal favorite social media platform for a couple of reasons: You can check in at The Breakers, fake it with filters, hashtag #MyBFBach, tag the girls then share to Facebook all in one post. What’s not to love? Let me count the ways. Wardrobe malfunctions, forgetting to tag someone, the difficulty of scrubbing unflattering photos from the internet's everlasting memory …the list goes on…shall I? I didn’t think so. #PicsOrItDidntHappen has almost 13,000 posts, don’t land yourself on the trending page for the wrong reason.

Next up is Facebook. Instagram and Snapchat may be giving the ‘Book a run for its money, but Facebook is still the Grande Dame of social media. Are you looking for your first job? Perhaps looking to make a career jump? Hankering for a smidge of recognition from your peers? Allow me to put it bluntly: If you spent Halloween weekend at your bestie’s bachelorette party and pictures of you looking like Lindsay Lohan at 4:00 AM find their way onto Facebook (we know, it's just the lighting that makes you look like that), put yourself in timeout, Rook, because you lose. If any part of the scenario described above is even a remote possibility, I recommend that you leave your phone at home for the night.

Finally, let’s talk Snapchat. Snapchat is the spunky newcomer to the social media crowd, and much like the Little Sis you couldn’t shake your sophomore year, there’s no escaping it. Your friends are on it, your coworkers are on it, I’d be willing to bet that some of your parents are on it. Moral of the story? Take the reputation-obliterating shame of an Instagram or Facebook post, add video capabilities plus the irresistible fact that you’ve got 15 seconds to embarrass yourself and you my friend have effectively shot yourself in your perfectly pedicured foot.

I’ve posted my share of questionable pics in my day, but luckily there were no embarrassing drinking games involved. Here’s my advice to you bachelorette babies: be smart. Save everything, and wait until Sunday brunch to hit "send" or "post."

Peace, love and champagne-

Bach Beb