How to Survive Engagement Season - Bach Beb Edition


It’s a truth universally acknowledged that the holidays are peak engagement season, and ladies, ‘tis the season. Once the air turns crisp and Gingerbread Lattes hit the Starbucks menu, Instagram engagement announcements aren’t far behind. And Facebook announcements (and Tweets and Snapchats), and before you know it, your Timeline has more relationship status updates (Rachel is Engaged!!!) than puppy pictures and so help it if you see on more #ISaidYes hashtag on Instagram…

...Surely you see where I’m going with this by now. As someone who has both watched my own Facebook account morph into a veritable Nuptial News platform and shared my own engagement via Instagram, I’m here to share some tips for surviving engagement season. Grab a glass of vino and get ready to take some mental notes, because you’ll need ‘em in the next few weeks.

First thing’s first: Your reaction to engagement news correlates directly to your age and relationship status. For example: As an unengaged 22-year-old, my reaction to engagement news was immediate, unquestioning happiness, since engagements were still few and far between. As a now-married twenty something with an already fully booked 2016, my reaction to engagement news more along the lines of “Oh no! I don’t have any more PTO” or “Please don’t let it be a destination wedding.”

For those of you who fall into the first camp, the as-yet unengaged girlfriends, brace yourselves. I don’t know if it’s in a Man Guide somewhere or if they simply figure they won’t forget an anniversary if the pop the question on a festive seasonal holiday, but put your big girl panties on because you’re about to see a lot of hand selfies. If you’re not one to tolerate overly saccharine declarations of love on social media, then I suggest turning off post notifications once you like the obligatory “We’re getting hitched” photo...unless you want to be notified every time another sorority sister comments “OMGGGGGG SO HAPPY FOR Y’ALL!” which case, you do you.

This doesn’t mean that you get carte blanche if you’re the engagee, however. Consider the holiday season to be an exercise in restraint, which is to say be judicious in social sharing. Yes, the photo that your future brother-in-law took whilst hidden in the bushes that captures the exact moment of your engagement is 100% swoon-worthy. In fact, frame that bad boy. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that anyone other than your immediate family needs (or wants) to see the 124 photos leading up to that moment in the form of a Facebook album or Instagram collage accompanied by an indiscriminate number of hashtags.

I wish the moral of this story was more earth-shattering, but the tricks to surviving the Holiday Engagement Season are less revolutionary:

1) Let your friends have their engagement moment; you’ll get yours so don’t crap on theirs.

2) On the flip side, don’t shove your recently blinged-out left hand in everyone’s face. Even the most tolerant BFFs have a limit to how much attention you expect them to give you in your newly-betrothed state, and I recommend you don’t push it.

3) You’ve heard about the brain-to-mouth filter. Before opening your mouth, do a quick 1-2 check to make sure that baby is in working order. Even the ring is pear-shaped in a gold setting and the groom-to-be proposed on the Jumbotron at a ballgame and that's not your jam. Pro-tip: If you’re not sure, keep it to yourself.

With all that in mind, stock up on the merlot and practice your "SO HAPPY" smile. It's going to get a lot of use in the next several weeks.

Peace, love, and champs -

Bach Beb