Friday Finds: Bourbon, Road trips, Colors, and Castles

One more partnership announced this week -- more news on the way, we promise! For now, we're wishing Lauren V. a wonderful bachelorette weekend in Sonoma and we've found some things to tide you over for the weekend, as per usual:

  • We read the 36 Hours articles in the New York Times pretty much every week. We liked this one about Lake Tahoe (and now it's easier to get to from the East Coast!)
  • Two things that are near and dear to our hearts (and essential in the creation of My Best Friend's Weekend): road trips and bourbon. Now someone, please, do the Kentucky Bourbon Trail for a bachelorette or bachelor party.
  • Quotations are always useful, especially when you are wracking your brain trying to write a killer / not absolutely terrible maid of honor or best man speech. Elle UK has collected 100 around love, which might be helpful.
  • We're not sure if it would be awesome or overwhelming to see 100 million colors -- but it's certainly interesting to read about.
  • Well, if you can't beat winter (many years of trying has proven that we can't -- at least not yet), you might as well join it: 10 winter trip ideas.
  • In the market for a castle? Excellent, here are 5 you should go look at

Happy Friday!