Friday Finds: More Treehouses, What to Pair with Champagne, Cruffins, & More

We made lots of big decisions this week (for example: margarita or mojito flavored lip balm? We went margarita, will report back.) Plus our first article for Trazee Travel is out detailing a Sonoma weekend we just planned and in our spring cleaning, we're catching up on our write-ups from weekends already planned -- so more itineraries and ideas coming your way soon!

Until then:

  • Add this to your list of treehouse destinations to visit. (We can't be the only ones with that list, right?)
  • Ice caves! For an outdoorsy weekend trip with some kayaking (two month circumnavigation of Lake Superior totally optional.)
  • And for a new ecofriendly hotel, look no further than 1 Hotel - launching soon. (The rooms come with yoga mats and it's from the same hotelier who brought us Starwoods's W brand ... so we can't wait to try.)
  • Champagne and French fries. A pairing from a wine expert that we can totally get behind. (We'll report back on this one too.)
  • Apparently Saturday is the Pi Day of the Century, so some facts about that. As if we needed an excuse to bake and eat pie, but we will take it.
  • "We don't have a particular demographic, except it's someone who wants to make a really delicious pastry." - A spokeswoman for the San Francisco Police Department on the list of suspects for the Great Cruffin Heist of 2015. (Wasn't us. We have an alibi.)

Happy Friday!