Friday Finds: How You Can Rent Your Own Island for Your Bachelorette & More

... And we're back! It's been a whirlwind of activity over the past two weeks -- weekends planned in Austin, Savannah, New Orleans, Sonoma/Marin, AND our first international destination: Montreal. Bonjour, Canada! There has been ziplining, lowcountry boils, pedal pub rides, pontoon boating, mani-pedis, clubbing, and a whole heck of a lot of fried food. More on ALL these weekends coming soon (NOLA first -- look for the itinerary next week!)

Until then, a few things to tide you over:

  • There are some awesome places on this list of the most expensive airbnb options in each state -- like the island you can rent in New Hampshire or the gigantic lodge in Montana. Who wants to come join us for research?
  • Travel hacks ... try them.
  • We're a little late on this, but it was National Grilled Cheese Day recently. We're starting a petition to expand this to a month long extravaganza, but until we win that, here are some grilled cheese recipes.

Happy, happy Friday!