Friday Finds: Female Friendship Edition

We're writing this post from sunny Miami as we're about to kick off a mini-tour of some of our favorite bachelorette destinations over the summer to check out the latest hot spots. (Also on the rapidly growing list: Austin, Houston, Dallas, Napa, and Chicago. Send us your suggestions if you want us to visit your town too!) Until we meet over beverages and snacks, here's what we found over the past few weeks:

  • These women have been friends for -- count it -- 94 years. And they're pretty great.
  • A roundup of famous bridesmaids from Vogue UK.
  • We already want to watch this show. Someone greenlight it. Pilot not required.
  • PSA in case you forgot somehow: It's Mother's Day this Sunday! Vanity Fair has you covered if you haven't quite figured out the perfect gift. But whatever you do or get, or wherever you are, make sure to at least call your mother, your first bestie (#doasisaynotasido and sorry Dad -- we're working on getting better at this!)

Happy Friday and happy Mother's Day!