How to Rock Any Bachelorette



We are beyond excited to introduce you to our latest contributor. For now, we're going to call her Bach Beb, but think of her as your ultimate get-a-grip friend. The wiser sister (real, sorority, or from another mister) who always has the best advice and tells it to you straight. And she's here now to answer your questions. Today: how to rock any bachelorette party.

By the Bach Beb

In the past year I have attended three bachelorette parties, one of which was my own and all of which were destinations: New Orleans, Palm Beach and Seaside, Florida.

Prior to my own final fling I took mental notes about what I liked and afterwards I found myself wishing I had supremely crafty friends and an older sister, but while my friends may not be domestic goddesses oozing glitter and tissue paper and having only one sibling- a brother, natch- I learned what I learned and now I pass it on to you.

First- and I cannot stress this enough- know your bride. In New Orleans we were swathed in traditional bachelorette necklaces and boas. In Seaside we treated ourselves to a ladylike meal prepared in-house by a private chef and polished off a case of Chandon Rosé, while at my own bachelorette we lazed on the beach and brunched at The Breakers.

My point? What flies for one bride-to-be doesn’t fly for all brides-to-be. I would have shriveled up and died before wrapping myself in a white satin sash and pinning a tiara to my head, and despite a single, small doll (travel-sized, in fact) that was gifted to me prior to dinner one night, my friends respected what I asked. And for that I love them even more.

Second, remember that it’s your friend’s weekend. That means don’t be That Girl. If you’re still lost here you go: no vomiting, making out or otherwise Jersey Shore behavior that will remove the spotlight from your friend. That’s a real quick way to become the friend most likely to receive the silent treatment (deservedly, ahem).

Thirdly, and this goes hand-in-hand with the above bachelorette commandment: Don’t be the fun sponge. No offense but no one cares that you have cramps and if the bride says, “I’m so sorry, we’ll wait for you to feel better” or “Just stay and rest” she is lying through her pretty bleached teeth. If she didn’t care, she wouldn’t have invited you to her bachelorette party. Unless you’re bleeding out your eyeballs or your foot was recently run over by a semi truck, sack up and make her weekend perfect.

Finally, we all know that ladies may have been known to have a catty side from time to time. (Sad, but true.) This is not, and I repeat, this is not the time to get your Hanky Pankies in a twist because the brides’ cousin or college roommate gave you side-eye. If you’re old enough to be at a bachelorette party, let’s go ahead and assume you’re old enough to act like an adult.

Without sharing all the gory details of the above-mentioned parties from the past year, this really is all it takes to keep a bachelorette party from turning into an episode of The Real (Almost) Housewives­ of wherever.

Peace, love and lingerie.

-Bach Beb

Tricky etiquette conundrum? A bridesmaid driving you nuts? The bride has gone bonkers? Or just need to know where to get the best hamburgers at 2am in New Orleans? BB'll know the answer. Ask her on twitter @MyBFWeekend or email us at