What To Do When Your Fiancé is At His Bachelor Party

Listen up, ladies. You've had your bachelorette party. You planned and prepped and pack. You and the girls got your hair blown out, broke out the new Choos you've been saving and shimmied into a little DVF number that you looked freaking fabulous in without veering (too much) into Beyonce-at-the-Met-Ball territory. It was perfect. No one fell off their shoes, there were no wardrobe malfunctions, and no one caught their hair on fire (hand of God, I've seen it happen).

And the point of reliving your bachelorette party? Because your fiance will be having a bachelor party and you don't want to be the girl who ruined it. I'm not suggesting you cut off all communication for the entirety of his bachelor weekend, but there's definitely middle ground between total radio silence and sending him 147 text messages, all of which sneakily and passive aggressively try to ascertain where he is - exactly. (Really. Don't be that girl.)

So what's a bride-to-be to do when her main man is reunited with his college buddies for a weekend of shenanigans? As a former bachelorette whose fiance spent his bachelor party with a group of friends who are best described as impish, (look it up, it's a good one), here's what I do recommend:

Have a girls' weekend

Not a full-blown, bachelorette-level weekend, more like a bellini brunch followed by mimosa manis and pedis, then dinner at trendy new restaurant your fiance would go to under only under extreme duress.

Treat yo' self

It's a universally accepted truth that the majority of men don't love shopping. Personally, I'd rather hit Neiman's by myself than with a whiney husband who insists on acting whether I really need to wander through the Chanel shop when I know I'm not going to buy anything. Yes, I do. End of conversation. When you've got a weekend to yourself, use it sister. Hit a museum, get a message, or lay in bed binge watching House of Cards. You do you.

Leave him alone

Did you hear me? Leave the man alone. He asked you to marry him, so it stands to reason that a weekend with the guys won't turn him into pre-Amal Alamuddin George Clooney. A few "Hope you're having fun!"-esque texts are fine, but if you find yourself typing out anything remotely resembling "I miss you so much where are you now what's going on miss you so much," maybe consider the weekend an opportunity to go offline.

Sure, boys will be boys, but when your fiance jets off for some pre-nuptial, alcohol-soaked male bonding, just remember that he's seen your best friend's Instagram account and he (hopefully) kept his trap shut when you spent a bikini-clad weekend with 8 other girls in some party location where there were yes, dudes, who did not magically disappear because it might make him jealous that there were other guys within ten feet of you. Your turn to return that favor, my friend.

Peace, love, and champs,

Bach Beb