Guest Post: St. Thomas for a Beachy Bachelorette

st thomas.jpg

We've been seeing an increasing interest in international bachelorette destinations (Cabo and Cartagena, just to name two), and to add to the tropical and exotic locales, here's how to have a great (and cost-effective!) time in the beachy isle of St. Thomas from our friends at Trazee Travel:

By Allie Moore

The tropical and hilly island of St. Thomas is part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, meaning passports are not needed for residents of the United States. However, prices are a bit high once on the island as goods are imported from other places. Learn how to avoid the island's hefty prices with a few tips below.

The island can be difficult to navigate, especially without a car. Start by renting a vehicle through a local company that will often feature lower rates than those of the national vehicle-rental chains (the former starting at approximately $50 per day).

Although Magan's Bay is one of the most photographed and exquisite beaches on the island, there is an entry fee. To avoid this, visit the just-as-lovely (and free!) Lindquist Beach.

The opportunities for outdoor activities in St. Thomas are innumerable, but excursions involving sailing, fishing, diving and kayaking can cost a pretty penny. Take advantage of the free hiking trail or seek out bicycle rental companies with the lowest rates. Don't be afraid to ask for group discounts if they apply to you.

When hunger strikes, head to Bumpa's Cafe in Charlotte Amelie with a menu to please every palate. Main dishes start at $9. Then head to Duffy's Love Shack in Red Hook for a tropical cocktail and a side of stuffed plantains, a local favorite. Night owls can take advantage of Duffy's two-for-one happy hour from midnight to 1 a.m.