Awesome Bachelorette, Bride, and Bridesmaid Gifts

For those of us not magically blessed with the "awesome gift shopping" gene (trust us, it's a thing), coming up with a thoughtful, creative, and beautiful present for the bachelorette, bride, or bridesmaids in your life can be a painful exercise in Pinterest searching and cursing Amazon Prime for not being able to fix all problems like usual. To help alleviate your gifting woes, here are some of the best gifts we've seen this year:

1. Kate Spade bridesmaid bangle

2. Gigi NY customized clutch.

3. Goodie box with her favorite things (or a tote?). Include favorite foods, especially anything from hometowns, travel or wedding destination, or favorite bakeries, or things you'd normally have together. (The gift bag of Twizzlers and Diet Coke was perfect for our friend Erika's wedding, for example!) Other items to include can be customized sunglasses, framed photos, a tank top with a photo on it, ear buds (these are super cute), collapsible wine glasses (you can get these customized as well), and Stella & Dot customized jewelry.

4. Charms. One of favorite sets here.

5. Design a boardgame!  You can customize Monopoly and include inside jokes/photos!

Happy gifting!