Bachelorette Parties Decoded: Lingerie Shower

Ah, the lingerie shower.  An obvious go-to at bachelorette parties (to the amusement and subsequent horror of many a bride-to-be), the lingerie shower is actually one of the trickiest bachelorette party events to pull off. Turns out, there’s more to consider than the bride’s sizes and when to cue up the Channing Tatum YouTube compilation.

How, you’re likely asking yourself, is throwing a lingerie shower tricky? Allow me to break it down, Bachelorette Party Babies.

First- and I’ve gone over this one before- make sure your bride-to-be is down with exchanging skivvies in front of an audience. If you know she’s fine with a lingerie shower and you’re helping with the planning, establish some ground rules for the rest of the group. Namely if the bride is more Kate Middleton than Kate Upton, then a gentle reminder that some lingerie brands are off the table would not be misplaced.

The next tip is really for everyone’s benefit: Consider the guest list. Can you imagine attending a lingerie shower, sipping a little too much champagne and lobbing jokes at the bride, only to find out that her brother’s girlfriend is in attendance? I can. I was the bride’s brother's girlfriend. While you do the math, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I was thrilled to be invited. Just be forewarned that courtesy invites are very generous but are better saved for the wedding itself. Nothing really brings you right into the family quite like an evening of unmentionables being tossed around the room with your future sister-in-law. True story.

Even if your friend is more a Jackie than a Marilyn, you can still have a bangin’ lingerie shower for your friend, albeit one with significantly fewer zippers and lace. My girls showered me with dainty sleep sets from Anthropologie, Nicole Miller and La Perla, and even though I don’t have a sister-in-law just yet, I would have been totally comfortable if she’d been there. Sleep masks, short kimono-style robes and slips are all Bach Beb approved for PG13 lingerie showers, so don’t let your bestie miss out on Victoria’s Secret just because she's the more modest type.

After you’ve gauged your bride's preferences, then filtered any overly naïve cousins, aunts or extended family members from the guest list, it’s time to get down to the business of the bachelorette party.

Peace, Love and Champs-

Bach Beb