Bachelorette Icebreakers: Yes, Games Can Make Everyone Friends


Bachelorette parties really are the best. If you haven’t had a good bachelorette experience, then someone dropped the ball somewhere, because there’s really nothing better than getting together with old friends and making new ones at the same time. Sure, it can be stressful to bring different groups of friends together- how are the girls from grad school going to like my sorority sisters - but your BFF’s bachelorette weekend is neither the time nor the place to release your inner Regina George.

Not all brides are the same, and therefore not all bachelorette parties are the same, which is why the Head Bachelorette Bech should put some thought into some icebreakers: The tequila shots that forged new friendships in Austin won’t fly for a bride and her ‘maids who are more early-morning-spa than late-night-snacks. Here are three tried-and-true ways to break the ice at bachelorette parties where friends from elementary school, Junior League and the office collide.

  • Drink if…First thing’s first: Unless you find yourself in a bar called Bruno’s on Maple Street in New Orleans, “drink” does not always mean “shots,” (more on that another time), and now that I think about it not all drinks actually contain alcohol. Armed with that information, you now have everything from mimosas, Bellinis and Bloody Mary’s to local brews, chardonnay and coffee (with Bailey’s) at your disposal. Check out this printable on our Pinterest board for Drink If cards and question ideas.
  • Guess the Undies. A very fun one to get a sense of everyone's personality ("spirit" undies, if you will). Everyone brings a pair of panties (ahem, new panties), and you string ‘em up, pin ‘em up or otherwise display them so the bride can guess who brought which pair of unmentionables. If the bride guesses right the guest drinks, and if she guesses wrong, she drinks. Once again, alcohol is certainly not necessary but tends to- erm- lubricate icebreakers. Brush up on your cocktail and mocktail recipes here.
  • Mad Libs. Yup, good old-fashioned Mad Libs but with one twist: Bachelorette Edition. The great thing about Mad Libs is that you can make this activity as ladylike and mild-mannered or party girl as you want. Consider this sentence from a Grace Kelly point of view and then from a Miley Cyrus point of view, and you’ll see what I mean: “You were asked to be the (noun) of honor, and you said (exclamation)! But now, (period of time) later, you wish you hadn’t been so (adjective) in your decision.

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Peace, love & Champagne-

Bach Beb