How to Host a Healthy(ish) Bachelorette Bash

Admittedly, your bachelorette is hardly likely to be the healthiest experience of your life (a vacation that involves itinerary items like bar crawls galore, lounging poolside with mimosas at 10am, and trying all the fried food hardly screams "wellness retreat").

We've all been there. (It was awesome and then we had to go to work on Monday.) But there are a few ways to keep your bachelorette at the appropriate level of fun indulgence without letting all your health and wellness goals completely fall off the rails.

  • Schedule a group workout class as part of the festivities. It doesn't have to be taxing, but a good yoga, barre, or spin class can (1) work all those toxins out of your system, (2) give you an excuse to wear adorable matching t-shirts, and (3) totally balance out afternoon margaritas. If your whole group likes the idea, hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, skiing, or another outdoor activity is a great way to see your destination and will keep you relatively healthy. (And if all your besties want to run a marathon, sure, go for it. But don't shanghai your bridesmaids into doing something super scary or uncomfortable for them.)
  • Everything doesn't have to be a hot mess the whole time. Saturday or Sunday morning can be spent sleeping, drinking raw juice, catching up with the girls, and getting mani-pedis if you so desire. You cannot measure a good weekend solely in the number of alcoholic units and calories consumed.
  • Do eat some real food. You will be hungry at 3am. It's a fact. A grocery run beforehand means you'll have Kind bars and hummus on hand, rather than chips and queso and late night Taco Bell. Pro tip: not eating before going out is a recipe to feel sick as dog the next day. It is not an effective dieting strategy.
  • Drink water, drink water, drink water ... Yes, and then drink some more water. Unless you're one of those people with a nalgene permanently in hand, hydration is key to surviving any good bachelorette weekend.
  • ... and dance, dance, dance. We once wore a fitbit during a bachelorette and were shocked to see the number of steps taken between midnight and 2am. (We may have then eaten chips and queso. Can't win them all.)
  • Get ready to take care of yourself when you get home. Once recovered, you're going to be super responsible for a few days -- take advantage of this and have your Equinox membership up to date. You'll be glad once you're back in fighting shape on Tuesday!