Introducing ... Stylisted!

Because shouting TMI across a salon to your bestie during a blow-out maybe isn't the best of plans (so many apologies, to everyone who's ever had to sit between us). Because at home, you can have an all T. Swift playlist and your own champagne. Because sometimes you just need a friend there when you face down your fear of eyeliner (hand to God, still convinced every time we're going to poke an eye out). Because it takes a lot to impress us, and this app has.

Because of all of these things, we're thrilled to announce a new partnership with Stylisted -- an online platform that allows women to book in-home hair styling and makeup appointments from a network of vetted beauty freelance professionals in New York, LA, Chicago, and DC. (Not there? Don't worry, they're coming to your city soon too!) Co-founders Julia and Lauren have created a service that works for every occasion when you want a little help to look your very best, and we couldn't be more delighted.

An extra bonus? Enjoy preferred rates when you book through us ... and expect some more exciting offers to come soon! (And they've promised to help us with make up and hair tips for bachelorettes/life ... oh, and getting over that whole fear of eyeliner thing too. We will obviously report back.)

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