How to Host a Luxurious Bachelorette

Wedding season is coming, which means one thing - bachelorette planning time. If you’ve been asked to be the maid of honor for your friend, sister or cousin, the time has come to start planning her last night of freedom. Bachelorette parties can be a lot of fun. They can also be messy, if you don’t plan them properly, that is.

Don’t believe everything you hear about bachelorette parties. Believe it or not, it’s not all about the drinking and dancing. When you’re 21, the idea of spending your last night of freedom drunk in a nightclub might have seemed appealing. However, once you hit your mid-twenties, that’s no longer the case.

The good news is that as the maid of honor, you’re in complete control of the bachelorette party. So you can ensure it’s exactly as the bride would want it to be. She’s picked you to be her right-hand woman because she knows that you know her inside out. The pressure's on to get her bachelorette right, but there's no need to panic.

Bachelorette parties don’t have to be all about the drinking; they can be classy events. It’s just a case of getting inspired and coming up with ideas that are luxurious and classy. Instead of ones that revolve around drinking too much. To help you come up with the perfect bachelorette party plan, here are some ideas. Have a read and get inspired.

Cocktail making class and dinner

Just because drinking until the early hours is out, that doesn’t mean alcohol can’t be involved in the bachelorette. How about organizing a cocktail making class followed by a fancy dinner?

For the cocktail making class, look for a venue that’s somewhat lavish. The fancier the venue, the better - look for somewhere that makes you feel like celebrities. The great thing about cocktail making is that it gives you the chance to learn a new skill and have fun while doing it. Plus, it’s a great excuse for having a drink or two. If there’s anyone in the party who isn’t able to drink alcohol for any reason, most cocktail bars also offer mocktail making too. So if there're any pregnant hens in the group, they won’t have to miss out. (Just make sure to tell the venue beforehand that some of the party won’t be drinking.)

To soak up the alcohol, following a cocktail class with dinner is perfect. Book a fancy restaurant that you know the bride will love - maybe there’s somewhere she’s always dreamt of eating at? To add a little luxury to the night, consider hiring a limo to take you from the cocktail bar to the restaurant in style. You can learn about limo rentals here, from the cars available to the prices. What better way to arrive for dinner than in a fancy limo?

Spa weekend

spa weekend.jpg

For a bachelorette that’s luxurious and relaxing, a spa weekend is the best option. This is an excellent way to mark the bride’s upcoming nuptials as everyone, from the bride’s friends to her mother, can get involved. Take your time choosing the perfect spa as it’s important to get it right. Look for somewhere that’s luxurious but affordable, as well as somewhere with great facilities and a range of treatments.

From hot stone massages to pedicures, select a spa that offers a fantastic range of treatments. Ideally, look for somewhere that includes these in the cost of your stay, as well as full use of the on-site facilities. For an extra special weekend, look for a spa that also offers health and wellness activities like yoga, to keep you entertained.

If you think that the bride will enjoy an alcoholic spa experience, look for a venue that has an on-site bar. After all, what’s a bachelorette party without champagne and cocktails? There are some spas that offer tailored bachelorette packages. These may be worth looking into as that way you can tailor the experience to the bride’s wants and needs.

Afternoon tea with champagne

You can’t go wrong with an elegant afternoon tea. It might not be as exciting as cocktail making, but it can be just as enjoyable. For a luxurious and relaxing bachelorette party, afternoon tea is the perfect way to celebrate. Of course, if you’re going to have afternoon tea, it has to come with bubbly. What’s a bachelorette party without champagne?

There are often deals on afternoon tea at fancy hotels and venues, so make sure to have a look online. From regular afternoon tea to themed ones, there are plenty of options to choose from. There are even gluten-free teas on offer in most places, so should someone in the party have an allergy to wheat, they can still join in the fun.

The great thing about afternoon tea is that it’s an affordable hen party, so if there’s a budget in place, this is perfect. It’s not too expensive and is a celebration that everyone can enjoy. Plus, you can have afternoon tea just about anywhere - in a local hotel or in the bride’s back garden.

Head to the sun

If money's no object, then a bachelorette party abroad could be the perfect way to mark the bride’s last few days of freedom. Whether she loves the idea of sunning herself on a beach or sipping cocktails at a rooftop bar, a beach trip could be perfect. If she’s not a beach girl, a city break could be a better option.

There are so many fantastic places you could visit, from Ibiza to the South of France; there’s sure to be somewhere that’s perfect. If there’s a big group of you, hiring a villa could work out cheaper than booking hotel rooms, and will come with the luxury of having your own private pool. There are some amazing luxury villas to choose from, so there’s sure to be one that is affordable and suitable for your group.

The great thing about a bachelorette abroad is that there’s plenty to see and do. From exploring local attractions to enjoying the local cuisine. Unlike celebrating at home, it’s not just about the drinking as there are so many other activities on offer.

Hotel stay and pamper day

Does the bride fancy some time out but going abroad would be just too stressful? Then how about a hotel stay and pamper day? Think fancy hotel, champagne on tap, and fine dining, and, of course, lots of pampering. If a pamper day is just what the bride needs, then a stay at a fancy hotel could be perfect.

Have a look online for any deals - there are often a range on offer, and book the one that offers everything that you need. Think about the location - does the bride want to be close to home or would she prefer to go somewhere a little further afield? It’s important to remember that it’s the bride’s special day, so asking her what she wants is a good idea. You might be in charge of organization, but that doesn’t mean you can’t involve the bride in the decisions.

Look for a hotel that not only offers spa treatments but also, other pampering options. From hairstyling to makeup and facials, look for places that offer everything. On a girl’s getaway there’s nothing more enjoyable than getting your makeup done, so look for places that offer this service. A hotel with an on-site beautician is always a good choice.

Have a creative bachelorette

How about organizing a creative bachelorette party? If the bride would love a relaxed, low-key affair, a creative event is perfect. The great thing about getting creative is that there are so many options, from flower arranging to perfume making. You can go DIY with these or you can book yourselves in for professional classes.

Be it jewelry making or makeup application, undertaking a class or two can be a lot of fun. Especially when there’s champagne involved. Ask in advance and you can probably arrange to have a bottle of champagne on ice for your class. Because there are lots of deals online for these types of classes, it doesn’t have to break the bank either.

If paying for a class is too expensive, consider going DIY. Using YouTube tutorials, hold a DIY creative bachelorette. Ask the bride what she would like to do and organize to learn that craft. Be it baking or wine making, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that the bride and everyone in the party has fun. If you do opt to go DIY, make it special by having a selection of cakes on offer as well as lots of bubbly to enjoy.

There are lots of other options for celebrating a bachelorette than getting drunk and dancing the night away. Be it a spa break in the country or a beach break abroad, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that the bride is happy, the party is fun, and whatever you choose to do is affordable.