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Introducing ... Stylisted!

Because shouting TMI across a salon to your bestie during a blow-out maybe isn't the best of plans (so many apologies, to everyone who's ever had to sit between us). Because at home, you can have an all T. Swift playlist and your own champagne. Because sometimes you just need a friend there when you face down your fear of eyeliner (hand to God, still convinced every time we're going to poke an eye out). Because it takes a lot to impress us, and this app has.

Because of all of these things, we're thrilled to announce a new partnership with Stylisted -- an online platform that allows women to book in-home hair styling and makeup appointments from a network of vetted beauty freelance professionals in New York, LA, Chicago, and DC. (Not there? Don't worry, they're coming to your city soon too!) Co-founders Julia and Lauren have created a service that works for every occasion when you want a little help to look your very best, and we couldn't be more delighted.

An extra bonus? Enjoy preferred rates when you book through us ... and expect some more exciting offers to come soon! (And they've promised to help us with make up and hair tips for bachelorettes/life ... oh, and getting over that whole fear of eyeliner thing too. We will obviously report back.)

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Trazee Travel - Our Latest Partner!

After their delightful interview with us, we were very excited when the folks at Trazee Travel reached out to us to discuss a partnership opportunity. Starting in March, they'll be creating unique content for our blog from their deep knowledge of the travel industry, and we'll be sharing our thoughts about bachelorette and bachelor party destinations in their Weddings Travel section.

About them: is designed and created by uber-millennials for uber-millenials who want to see the world through their own eyes. The website reaches this under-served market with daily content focused on products, tips, interviews, quizzes, reviews, events, weddings and trends in travel, providing a source of information for this burgeoning group of intrepid, young travelers.

Friday Finds: Night at the Museum, Maze Bachelorette, & Best Wedding Cakes

More news! We've just signed another deal that we're super excited about this week (expect an announcement soon!) PLUS we're classing it up this weekend and giving away some specials to the attendees of the Philadelphia Art Museum's Winter Gala - a black tie affair celebrating their Ink & Gold exhibit showcasing the work of Japanese Kano painters. We're thrilled to be able to support the Philadelphia Art Museum in their mission of actively engaging the next generation of art lovers. (If you have a philanthropic opportunity you'd be interested in us supporting, please feel free to reach out to us at Oh, and there are more itineraries coming soon -- San Francisco, Sonoma, Point Reyes Station, New Orleans, Austin, and Savannah are all coming up soon (just to name a few!)

Before that, though, here's what we found for you this week:

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Excited to Announce a New Partnership!

We promised partnership news, and here's the first update: we're proud to announce that we're officially the bachelorette planner for Firefly Events. Based in Huntington Beach, California, they've been planning corporate and group events (including many bachelor and bachelorette parties) for several years and are now turning their bachelorette planning over to us. We're incredibly excited to be working with them and look forward to expanding our presence on the West Coast with this partnership!

Friday Finds: Riverboat Bachelorettes, Where to Go Swimming, and New Robot Butler Supplier Needed

Exciting news: Our planning services -- and gift certificates -- are now easily available for purchase online through our "Products" page! Keep an eye on this, as more products and services will be launching there over the next few months!

And onto what we found this week:

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Check Out Our Interview!

We got interviewed by the good folks at Trazee Travel about our travel tips and tricks -- read about why Tisha is the most organized packer ever (seriously), who the best traveler in Lauren's family is (not her), our best travel meals ever, and our favorite off-the-beaten path spots.

Elevator Pitch!

Tisha & Lauren (on a street you'll also see in the movie  Trading Places ). Image courtesy of Lauren Hertzler   &  Philadelphia Business Journal.

Tisha & Lauren (on a street you'll also see in the movie Trading Places). Image courtesy of Lauren Hertzler & Philadelphia Business Journal.

We made it into the Philadelphia Business Journal! (Next step: Wall Street. Obviously.) But actually, we're mostly just glad the pictures came out okay. Check out the article here -- and we'll see if we can find a way around the pay wall. (UPDATE: Full article will be available in 4 weeks -- so around October 12th. Email us at if you're curious before then.)

(P.S. Friday Finds coming later today!)

(P.P.S. No, we never actually use those job titles with each other. BUT nameplates would be a great Christmas present. #justsaying #notahint #likeaboss).