Friday Finds!

#BachTips: Guess What We Found!

We get it -- being a bridesmaid or a bride can be expensive. Sure, you can't put a price on love, but somehow that credit card statement at the end of the month manages to, and it's not always pretty.

That's why we were excited when we were introduced to Groupon coupons. For those among us who never think to look for coupons or always manage to lose any that we receive (hand raised emoji, right here), they've conveniently put them all in one place. We could curl up with a glass of wine and several episodes of Nashville and do everything from book a trip, send birthday flowers to a friend, order personalized bridesmaid swag, and #treatyoself. (For some shortcuts: Travelocity, Personalized Creations, FTD, Victoria's Secret).

Happy hunting!


Tisha & Lauren


Friday Finds: Bachelorette on a Bayou Edition

... And we're back! Today's Friday Finds comes to you straight from the banks of a (Houston) bayou. Happy to report that Lauren survived Ecuador and climbing Cotopaxi (thanks to a German teammate who ate all his food and ensured there would be good weather -- apparently this is a thing? -- and double thanks to the amazing guides at Earth Treks for getting us up and down the mountain safely!)

Before we return to our regularly scheduled programming, some summertime updates -- we'll be on the road checking out destinations over the next few months. Houston, Austin, Dallas, Napa/Sonoma, San Francisco, Chicago, and a few other cities are already on the docket, but think we should make it to your city? Or have some killer suggestions for places we just have to try? Let us know in the comments or email us at We'll be featuring some of these suggestions and highlights from our travels in the blog, so share!

Until then, here's what we found for you this week:

Happy Friday AND #NationalDonutDay!

Friday Finds: Female Friendship Edition

We're writing this post from sunny Miami as we're about to kick off a mini-tour of some of our favorite bachelorette destinations over the summer to check out the latest hot spots. (Also on the rapidly growing list: Austin, Houston, Dallas, Napa, and Chicago. Send us your suggestions if you want us to visit your town too!) Until we meet over beverages and snacks, here's what we found over the past few weeks:

  • These women have been friends for -- count it -- 94 years. And they're pretty great.
  • A roundup of famous bridesmaids from Vogue UK.
  • We already want to watch this show. Someone greenlight it. Pilot not required.
  • PSA in case you forgot somehow: It's Mother's Day this Sunday! Vanity Fair has you covered if you haven't quite figured out the perfect gift. But whatever you do or get, or wherever you are, make sure to at least call your mother, your first bestie (#doasisaynotasido and sorry Dad -- we're working on getting better at this!)

Happy Friday and happy Mother's Day!

Friday Finds: How You Can Rent Your Own Island for Your Bachelorette & More

... And we're back! It's been a whirlwind of activity over the past two weeks -- weekends planned in Austin, Savannah, New Orleans, Sonoma/Marin, AND our first international destination: Montreal. Bonjour, Canada! There has been ziplining, lowcountry boils, pedal pub rides, pontoon boating, mani-pedis, clubbing, and a whole heck of a lot of fried food. More on ALL these weekends coming soon (NOLA first -- look for the itinerary next week!)

Until then, a few things to tide you over:

  • There are some awesome places on this list of the most expensive airbnb options in each state -- like the island you can rent in New Hampshire or the gigantic lodge in Montana. Who wants to come join us for research?
  • Travel hacks ... try them.
  • We're a little late on this, but it was National Grilled Cheese Day recently. We're starting a petition to expand this to a month long extravaganza, but until we win that, here are some grilled cheese recipes.

Happy, happy Friday!

Friday Finds: Vignette (aka Short) Edition

Things we learned this week: you can buy champagne in a can (we know, should have known this before), you should always check the volume on your phone alarm before you go out, and spring does always come, eventually. Plus we were excited for the awesome team at Red Tettemer, who won the Philly Ad Club creative contest based on a campaign they put together for us -- expect to see some really fun things coming out of their work beginning in the next few weeks! (First hint: wine will be involved.)

Until then, a few things we found:

Happy Friday!

Friday Finds: Places to Eat in Vegas, Wedding Dresses, & Southern Hotels You Should Try

Quite a week - bachelorette (and bachelor) parties galore in the next few weeks, so it's been a week of making lists and checking them twice ... along with investigating all the ways you can do Willie Nelson-themed things in Austin (you can rent a former tour bus AND house of his!), developing thoughts on pretty much every bachelorette gift bag that exists, and roadtesting chef booking apps from kitchit to kitchensurfing. Plus we made progress on product development in the party swag world ... keep watching for more on this!

Until then, here's what we found this week:

Happy Friday!

Friday Finds: Miami!

Happy first day of spring! (Philly seems to be unaware of this based on the raging snow/sleetstorm we've been watching all day, but we're pretty sure spring has to come eventually because science). And importantly -- happy bachelorette weekend to Hayley in DC and Inessa in San Francisco!

As for us, in between line dancing classes (seriously - so much fun), investigating how to rent Willie Nelson's tour bus and house (yes, these things are both possible), testing margarita lip balm (good choice), learning how to make pinata cookies, and ordering Beyonce-themed "Feyonce" bachelorette swag, we found a few things for you:

Happy Friday!

Friday Finds: More Treehouses, What to Pair with Champagne, Cruffins, & More

We made lots of big decisions this week (for example: margarita or mojito flavored lip balm? We went margarita, will report back.) Plus our first article for Trazee Travel is out detailing a Sonoma weekend we just planned and in our spring cleaning, we're catching up on our write-ups from weekends already planned -- so more itineraries and ideas coming your way soon!

Until then:

  • Add this to your list of treehouse destinations to visit. (We can't be the only ones with that list, right?)
  • Ice caves! For an outdoorsy weekend trip with some kayaking (two month circumnavigation of Lake Superior totally optional.)
  • And for a new ecofriendly hotel, look no further than 1 Hotel - launching soon. (The rooms come with yoga mats and it's from the same hotelier who brought us Starwoods's W brand ... so we can't wait to try.)
  • Champagne and French fries. A pairing from a wine expert that we can totally get behind. (We'll report back on this one too.)
  • Apparently Saturday is the Pi Day of the Century, so some facts about that. As if we needed an excuse to bake and eat pie, but we will take it.
  • "We don't have a particular demographic, except it's someone who wants to make a really delicious pastry." - A spokeswoman for the San Francisco Police Department on the list of suspects for the Great Cruffin Heist of 2015. (Wasn't us. We have an alibi.)

Happy Friday!

Friday Finds: Last Minute Trips, Classic Cocktails, and Apple Pie

The spring parties have started (even if the weather in Philly refuses to cooperate)! We've been hard at work wrapping up final details for March and April (many more sample itineraries on the way!) ... plus a few other partnerships in the pipeline -- more news coming on those soon too!

For now, what we found this week:

Happy Friday!

Friday Finds: Bourbon, Road trips, Colors, and Castles

One more partnership announced this week -- more news on the way, we promise! For now, we're wishing Lauren V. a wonderful bachelorette weekend in Sonoma and we've found some things to tide you over for the weekend, as per usual:

  • We read the 36 Hours articles in the New York Times pretty much every week. We liked this one about Lake Tahoe (and now it's easier to get to from the East Coast!)
  • Two things that are near and dear to our hearts (and essential in the creation of My Best Friend's Weekend): road trips and bourbon. Now someone, please, do the Kentucky Bourbon Trail for a bachelorette or bachelor party.
  • Quotations are always useful, especially when you are wracking your brain trying to write a killer / not absolutely terrible maid of honor or best man speech. Elle UK has collected 100 around love, which might be helpful.
  • We're not sure if it would be awesome or overwhelming to see 100 million colors -- but it's certainly interesting to read about.
  • Well, if you can't beat winter (many years of trying has proven that we can't -- at least not yet), you might as well join it: 10 winter trip ideas.
  • In the market for a castle? Excellent, here are 5 you should go look at

Happy Friday!