Thoughtful Touches for a Bachelorette

In all the talk of where to eat (does it have gluten-free farm-to-table foam?), where to drink (is the gin hand-crafted in small batches?), and whether or not to hire a stripper (seriously, try mentioning a bachelorette party to any of your male friends and see how long it takes for strippers to come up. Our average is seventeen seconds) … anyway, in all the stress of planning the perfect bachelorette party, it becomes easy to forget why you’re there: to celebrate your best friend and your friendship with her.

In the spirit of that, three little things you can do to make a bachelorette party extra special, no exclusive restaurants, clubs, or special entertainment required:

  • Make her a scrapbook: Give all the attendees a small assignment to put together a few scrapbook pages with pictures and memories, compile before or during the weekend (Bonus: going through this helps bond the group together if not everyone knows each other.)
  • Bring or cook her favorite foods: If you’re staying in a house, get the ingredients for her favorite meal or dessert, especially things you used to eat together. If you’re in a hotel, snacks are a great substitute (our friend Erika may still be eating the Twizzlers we got her for her bachelorette two years ago).
  • Develop the perfect pregame playlist: Similar to the scrapbook, have everyone give you some suggestions for songs that remind them of their friendship with the bride. If you want to go really old school, burn it onto CDs for her so she actually has the physical copy, with a list of the songs and reason they were chosen. (Maybe we’re sentimental, but we’ve still have all our old middle school mix CDs. They are truly terrible but we still love them.)

Other suggestions? Email us and we’ll feature more ideas in future posts: