Welcome to our blog!

Welcome our inaugural blog post! We’re so excited for our soon-to-be launched bachelorette planning service and to begin saving hours of sleep for and the sanity of maids of honor and bridesmaids everywhere.

We’ll be updating you on our progress here, along with ideas for bachelorette party planning along with tips for entertaining, travel, life, leisure, and really anything else that catches our fancy. Whatever we write about, we promise to keep things fun (or at least funny), useful, and interesting.

Now, to get things started the right way: When we were pitching the idea for My Best Friend’s Weekend, one of the investors came up to us afterwards and said, “You know what you really need in your pitch? That gif from Bridesmaids when she starts drinking after she finds her best friend is getting married.”

So for all of us who love our best friends, but sometimes feel like we need a stiff swig out of a bottle of wine to handle whatever she’s thrown at us, here you go:


And have no fear — we’re coming to save the day!

Are you planning a bachelorette and need a hand NOW? Or have something you wish we would talk about? Shoot us an email at mybestfriendsweekend@gmail.com