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Nashville has become a hotbed of bachelorette activity in recent years. With both a stellar food and music scene, along with unmatched honkey tonk-ified nightlife, it's no wonder the crowds have swarmed here. This is what we planned for Brigitt and her crew of besties:


Afternoon: Check into hotel near Broadway and pick up drinks and snacks for the weekend.

8pm: Dinner and live music at Puckett's Grocery & Restaurant on Church Street.

Post-dinner: Visit country bars on Broadway! Some highlights are: Tootsie's Orchard Lounge, The Stage, Robert's Western World (try the fried bologna sandwiches), Paradise Park (trailer park-themed and late night burgers), Honkey Tonk Central (great balcony), Layla's Bluegrass Inn, and off-Broadway Wildhorse Saloon for line dancing lessons.


Morning: Nashville Pedal Tavern. Bring your own drinks and playlist!

Lunch: BBQ and burgers at Rippy's on Broadway.

Afternoon: Walk around town and nap at the hotel (badly needed!)

Around 5pm: Bachelorette games for Brigitt!

8pm: Dinner at City House (delicious Italian food with a Southern twist) They had a wonderful prix fixe family style menu arranged so it was easy for everyone to try everything!

Evening: Back to Broadway for country bars and (obviously) line dancing class.


Morning: Brunch at The Southern (all the fried and Southern food your heart and stomach could desire, especially after a loonnng weekend) and then flights home!