This itinerary was a tale of two great bachelorette cities: New York, and Atlantic City. How we helped create a fun-filled NYC/AC bonanza for Leah:

Why New York and Atlantic City?

We were looking for a “classic” going out bachelorette, and Atlantic City was the most convenient for everyone. Leah is based in New York and it was easy for everyone else to get to, so being able to go there and then to Atlantic City was the perfect combination.

Where we stayed

The girls in NYC hosted the visitors on Friday night, then we stayed in the Water Club at the Borgata in Atlantic City on Saturday (because we definitely wanted a great pool!)

What it cost

The weekend cost around $450 each (there were 12 of us total--and we covered the weekend for the Leah!).

  • Housing: $150

  • Rental car, cabs: $90

  • Meals & drinks out: $130

  • Activities: $80

What we did:


  • We met up for dinner at Diablo Royale in the West Village for amazing Mexican food. We’d worked with Lauren to arrange a prix fixe family style menu. It was amazing.

  • Then we went back to the Bach's apartment for more drinks and dessert!


  • We got up early to drive down to Atlantic City.

  • Then we spent the day lounging at the Water Club’s pool in the Borgata. In the afternoon we hit up the slots and black jack tables while exploring many of the bars and lounges that the Borgata has to offer. 

  • After plenty of pool time and gambling, we got together in Leah’s room for bachelorette games and entertainment.

  • Then we had a great dinner at the Metropolitan Restaurant, an upscale diner in the Borgata.

  • And to cap off the night, we went to Mixx, one of the two clubs at the Borgata--this one had more of the big club atmosphere that we were looking for.


We made it in to our cars and back to NYC and then back home!